welcomebrand Web Design Price List

For more than a decade I've designed & built websites for clients of all sizes that help their visitors achieve their goals and generate demonstratable returns on investment.

To design and build websites that do this for your company, I charge a flat rate of £55/hr with the following exceptions:

  • A young family member had a copy of Photoshop and you want to use the designs £65/hr
  • You or your mate had a go first because design is easy £75/hr
  • Your deadline requires we start right away but you're not actually ready to start right away £80/hr
  • You need me to make "minor" changes to a cheap theme you bought £200/hr

Joking aside, the best and easiest way to tell you more about what I can do and how I've helped other companies in the past is to send an email to james@welcomebrand.co.uk and we can have a chat about your project or ideas.